Sibling Conflicts-Parents Stay Out

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Sibling conflicts wrinkle the landscape of parenthood. Sometimes the best way to stop family stress from affecting us is to walk away from the problem. In the end, we can only worry about what we agree to worry about.
Sibling conflicts happen, but unless your kids are physically hurting each other, it is best to let them resolve their disagreements on their own. Getting involved will not only increase your stress level, but it will also put you in the middle of an argument you cannot win—it’s not yours to begin with.
Children can learn a lot of life skills from their siblings, including how to deal with the frustration brought on by conflict. Important lessons can be painful, but if kids can be left to problem-solve them on their own, they will gain confidence and social skills that will last them a lifetime.
Of course there are times, when you do need to intervene. Abuse, verbal or physical, should never be tolerated. In most typical scenarios, however, you can walk away, monitor from a distance, and trust that your kids will get there on their own eventually.

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alexabrettSibling Conflicts-Parents Stay Out


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