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I think of stress as a loop, a treadmill of sorts. Some of it is caused by an exhausted nervous system but the cycle often starts with our need for control. We all have triggers. People can get overwhelmed because …

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Allergies and Antibiotics

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Allergies complicate the landscape of parenthood. My children have them. I have them. And to make matters worse, our allergies are not all the same. People often ask me how hard it was when the kids were little with all …

alexabrettAllergies and Antibiotics
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Smarts versus Hard Work

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When my oldest son was little, he impressed everyone with his large vocabulary and his uncanny knowledge of well…everything. Some people in the family were convinced he was a genius. What mother wouldn’t want to hear that kind of praise about her child? …

alexabrettSmarts versus Hard Work
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Want to Hear Better? Stop Moving

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Scientists at Duke university are uncovering how our brain processes sound. It turns out that sound and movement are closely linked when it comes to modulating (turning up or down) auditory input. The auditory cortex works in collaboration with the …

alexabrettWant to Hear Better? Stop Moving
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Parents Influence Language Skills

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I am a talker. When my kids were babies, I responded to every sound and spoke continuously to them. I remember an insurance salesperson coming to our house and commenting on how much I spoke to my six month old. She …

alexabrettParents Influence Language Skills
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Anxiety in Children

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  As a parent, your instinct is to protect. Your sense of empathy, when it comes to your children, is basically on steroids. We feel their pain, their struggles, their joys and their successes. Waiting in the side lines is …

alexabrettAnxiety in Children
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Welcome to Love Think Thrive

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Welcome to Love Think Thrive —a resource to help individuals and families to live a balanced life. My articles focus on parenting, family dynamics, lifespan development, brain science, health, nutrition, stress management, and the socio-emotional connections we all need in order …

alexabrettWelcome to Love Think Thrive