About This Blog 

Welcome to Love Think Thrive, a resource for people seeking to define and achieve their goals, find balance, and improve physical and mental wellness.

About Me 

I’m Alexa Brett, a life & wellness coach, writer and U.S. trained and licensed occupational therapy practitioner. I’m based out of Montreal, but I coach clients all over the world. My unique approach focuses on:

  • Defining and achieving personal  and professional goals
  • Improving your health and wellness
  • Fine tuning your nervous system
  • Improving you stress management
  •  Sensory integration for both adults and children
  • Healthy aging
  • Neurorehabilitation for neurodegenerative diseases (such as MS and Parkinsons)

My approach is holistic, taking into consideration all facets of life: environmental, emotional, social, genetic, mental, sensory and physical.

I treat each client individually, getting to know them, their strengths, challenges, and goals. I believe in empowering my clients by giving them the tools they need to succeed, and then guiding them each step of the way.

This blog is an extension of my work. I hope you find LoveThinkThrive helpful. I love sharing information through my articles, so thanks for dropping by!

And by all means, if you would like me to consider a particular topic, drop me a line. I welcome conversation and feedback. And congratulations on taking an active role in your health and wellness!

Happy reading!


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