Happiness defined

Happiness–short and sweet

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What is happiness, and how do you achieve it? I came across this wonderful article from Time.com  and thought it was too good not to share. I love the visuals from happify.com!

What is happiness? It’s spending time with family and friends, and taking the time to appreciate nature and art. We foster it when we enjoy activities, old and new hobbies, or learn new skills.  It is  created by appreciating the small qualities in ourself and others. We experience it when we know that we can make changes, even small ones. My OT mentor would say: “start out each day ready to change lives, even if at the end of the day you did that just with a smile.” Happiness is defined by our relationships and our ability to experience self-growth.

What is your personal definition of happiness? Leave a comment below.


A great resource from Time.com

A great resource from Time.com


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alexabrettHappiness–short and sweet


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