FIND BEAUTY IN CHAOS–three things that went well journal

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“Anything you build on a large scale or intense passion invites chaos”Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola said:“Anything you build on a large scale or intense passion invites chaos”. As much as I seek order, I have learned to respect chaos even more. The trick is to find the beauty in it. I use humor to look at situations that overwhelm me. I also love to use a technique called “Three Things That Went Well” journaling. It helps me find beauty in every day (see below for instructions). We are so passionate about parenting that we tend to seek a perfect experience. Frankly, it’s like trying to swim upstream: practically impossible and definitely exhausting. Nothing in my home is perfect, but it all reflects my family so well. My coffee table, for example, has the name “Voldemort” carved onto it courtesy of my youngest son, and my dining room table still shows my oldest son’s math homework from over 10 years ago. Now that most of my kids are dipping their toes into adulthood and know their math facts better than my table does, I cherish these reminders of their childhood wherever I can find them. Chaos can be mastered when you pick your battles and embrace the lovely idiosyncrasies of your unique family experience.


At the end of each day, write three things that went well. They can be small things (e.g.a smile, a kind word, the sun coming out after a cloudy day) or big important things (e.g. kids made you breakfast in bed, spouse watch the kids so you could catch a movie with a friend, or you got your long awaited promotion at work). Then write a brief explanation of why it was a good thing. Keep it short and only write three positive things. Make it a daily ritual, but if you forget for a day or two, just start again. Research shows that people who engage in this activity have a more positive outlook on life and reduce their stress.

alexabrettFIND BEAUTY IN CHAOS–three things that went well journal


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