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More on Respecting Your Child

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I often say that my first child was my guinea pig. I was a young mother with only my own childhood experience as a compass. Little by little, I learned the craft of parenting by reading, asking questions and studying …

alexabrettMore on Respecting Your Child
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Respecting Your Child (Part 1)

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This is part 1 of 2 on Respecting Your Child, a relationship-based approach. As young parents we heard all the usual warnings about the dreaded teen years. Three of our four kids are now grown, but none of them exhibited …

alexabrettRespecting Your Child (Part 1)
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Emotional Labeling

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What is Emotional Labeling? Emotional labeling is a technique used by mental health professionals and other therapists to help clients process their emotions. Imagine a child who suddenly shows frustration after a friend takes his toy. The child might get angry, grab …

alexabrettEmotional Labeling
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A Guide to Eating Healthy

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Eating healthy is a challenge when you’re busy. It’s especially hard when you are juggling the nutritional needs of your whole family. Preparation is half the battle. We’re six people in our family, so over the years I have developed …

alexabrettA Guide to Eating Healthy
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The Not so Perfect Side of Perfection

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Perfection is a heavy burden for children to bear. It makes their thinking rigid and their ability to function erratic.  It also fuels anxiety. A child who feels the need to perform perfectly at all times attaches his/her sense of identity on outcomes …

alexabrettThe Not so Perfect Side of Perfection