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Gaze Aversion in Autism

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This material first appeared in an article I wrote for One of the markers of autism is gaze aversion. A child on the spectrum will often look sideways at a person of interest. He might also shift his eyes …

alexabrettGaze Aversion in Autism
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Probiotics and Mental Health

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Probiotics have been in the news for a while. There are certainly many reasons to improve your intestinal flora. When speaking about the benefits of bacteria, integrative medical professionals often point out that adding beneficial bacteria to your daily routine …

alexabrettProbiotics and Mental Health
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Sensory Integration Explained

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Follow @lovethinkthrive  What is Sensory Integration? A child walks onto the grass and starts to cry. Another touches sand, looks at her hand and shrieks inconsolably. “Don’t cry. It’s okay. Sand is fun,” the parents say trying to reassure her. …

alexabrettSensory Integration Explained