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The Not so Perfect Side of Perfection

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Perfection is a heavy burden for children to bear. It makes their thinking rigid and their ability to function erratic.  It also fuels anxiety. A child who feels the need to perform perfectly at all times attaches his/her sense of identity on outcomes …

alexabrettThe Not so Perfect Side of Perfection
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Good Eating Habits

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Food is a loaded word, wrapped in psychology, chemistry and blanket statements. Most of us spend a lifetime trying to control ourselves around it. We try to teach our kids to do the same. We justify our diets with “should of”, …

alexabrettGood Eating Habits
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Doodling: A Brainy Pursuit

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I have always been a doodler. My high school notebooks were filled with caricatures, inked poetry and random visual thoughts. My university notes were no different.  As a child, I remember being yelled at by teachers who accused me of disruptive …

alexabrettDoodling: A Brainy Pursuit
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5 Truths for the New Year

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As we close the parentheses on an old year, it’s always interesting to reflect on the events we leave behind, as well as the ones that will follow us moving forward. 2014 was a roller coaster for my family and me, …

alexabrett5 Truths for the New Year