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I think of stress as a loop, a treadmill of sorts. Some of it is caused by an exhausted nervous system but the cycle often starts with our need for control. We all have triggers. People can get overwhelmed because they have too much to do or too many bills to pay. Some of us just feel that there are too many demands put upon us—parents especially. Parenting is full of joys and wonderful experiences but it can also be a cesspool for stress. A toolkit of coping strategies can help us keep our cool and become better parents.

Here are some ways you can regain control and lower your stress as a parent:

1. Expect the Unexpected

2. Find Beauty In Chaos-3 Things that Went Well Journal

3. Ask Questions

4. Take a Break

5. Sibling Conflicts-Parents Stay Out

6. Chores-Good for Parents and Children

7. Make Time for Yourself

8. Learning to Say No

9. Apologize and Move On

10. Imaginary Audience

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